2013 Chatuge Championship Details

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riverboss: sled, build snowmen and my favorite... pegging your brother in the face with a snowball. that being said my brothers friend hit me in the mouth and it started to bleed so i guess that is pay back :) Feb 26, 2015 15:30:04 GMT -5
otisbudd101: Building an Igloo with a 5 gal bucket and a piece of scrap wood, pics soon to come 8-) ;) Besides what else are you gonna do with 8 inches of snow everywhere Feb 25, 2015 21:31:53 GMT -5
otisbudd101: out tomorrow for sure, got the call from the school just a little while ago Feb 25, 2015 14:56:51 GMT -5
riverboss: hey sarge are you out of school because of the snow up here we were out yesterday and we are out today. we will most likely be out tomorrow and friday because we are expecting 3-5 inches of snow tonight and this after being out for three days Feb 25, 2015 10:16:11 GMT -5
sarge8878: A cold one for Tim!!!! Feb 22, 2015 18:20:45 GMT -5
otisbudd101: great time and cool baits 8-) Feb 22, 2015 8:52:11 GMT -5
riverboss: Otis and i went to the bassmaster classic today on hartwell. we went to the expo in greenville it was amazing and we also got free baits form sebile! we got the new dropshot hooks from mustad saw the debuing of the shadow rap. it was cool Feb 21, 2015 21:07:13 GMT -5
strvmmer: Snow and ice missed us again Feb 21, 2015 5:48:38 GMT -5
otisbudd101: No Archery for me tommorow already got about an inch of snow :'( Feb 20, 2015 21:39:31 GMT -5
otisbudd101: yeah several with various groups 8-) Feb 20, 2015 19:34:27 GMT -5
riverboss: how is the trail coming along will there be something in march Feb 20, 2015 17:58:22 GMT -5
daknyak12: Why? Feb 20, 2015 12:18:07 GMT -5
sarge8878: Sarge is in a pissy mood > Feb 19, 2015 18:26:21 GMT -5
riverboss: this forum is as cold as it is out side where is the discussion! Feb 19, 2015 13:40:51 GMT -5
riverboss: you got that right Brrrrrr Feb 19, 2015 13:39:47 GMT -5
otisbudd101: Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr....... :'( >:D Feb 16, 2015 17:27:10 GMT -5
strvmmer: RD, check your messages Feb 12, 2015 18:56:31 GMT -5
riverboss: sorry i cant make it Feb 10, 2015 21:20:18 GMT -5
paddlinghooker: You are all welcome to come. If any of the juniors are coming just know they will compete as adults. RKKFT & CBY, neither have junior events so they will compete as adults and must have a parent or legal guardian present and to sign liability forms. Feb 10, 2015 10:18:54 GMT -5
Reservoir Dawg: Yep, but the tournament is on the 28th. Feb 10, 2015 9:27:37 GMT -5