2013 Chatuge Championship Details

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sarge8878: What the he lll is going on in here. May 21, 2015 21:48:51 GMT -5
otisbudd101: ANYWHERE just PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!! :-X :-X May 20, 2015 19:40:05 GMT -5
otisbudd101: still needing a partner to float with. already asked Bryan, Beau, Jason Mccay, Rick Story, Andy Haygood, Guys I'm gettin' desperate, PLEASE don't send me with little sister :( :( I would like to actually catch a fish May 20, 2015 19:30:05 GMT -5 *
Lurechucker: Don't forget the identifier will be posted late Friday PM for our 4-H event at Don Carter on Lanier. Fishes are due to me by 9 PM on Saturday via email, text or Facebook. May 18, 2015 8:35:59 GMT -5 *
Lurechucker: Some folks have a one track mind. Glad Reservoir Dawg was paying attention. Who's fishing a tournament this weekend? May 18, 2015 7:55:25 GMT -5
Reservoir Dawg: Um Otis, he's referring to the new baby. ;-| May 18, 2015 6:12:43 GMT -5 *
otisbudd101: I caught 18 today. bream and bass mix. 14 in. biggest. where did you get that one??? O_o May 16, 2015 19:56:00 GMT -5
Lurechucker: I've got a 9 lb 22" Catch of a Lifetime! Things are improving daily. May 14, 2015 19:03:53 GMT -5
otisbudd101: budd crew praying May 8, 2015 20:14:21 GMT -5
Lurechucker: Good luck to everyone at the Nickajack tournament. That's a great place to catch some nice fish! May 8, 2015 17:15:58 GMT -5
Lurechucker: I've been watching Ebay for baits for fun. Picked up a few Musky Snax gliders and a Nate Bait trout. Reagan is doing well. Sheena has had some serious blood pressure issues. Much prayer is needed. Right now she's improving well after an ER visit. May 8, 2015 17:15:15 GMT -5
otisbudd101: a secret from two people will be pink May 7, 2015 20:12:48 GMT -5
riverboss: so what color is the babes first swim bait going to be May 4, 2015 15:14:50 GMT -5
Lurechucker: Post up some pics every day people! I'm needing some fishin fix. I've resorted to buying muskie baits every night at 3 AM for entertainment. Picked up 2 nice Musky Snax Gliders for $20 each and a whopper plopper style musky bait. May 3, 2015 14:29:23 GMT -5 *
Lurechucker: All is well. Sorry we missed the basketball banquet. We were at the hospital welcoming Reagan to the team. Her first night was a Hawks win against Brooklyn. She's healthy, and all is well. Thanks for your prayers for mom & baby! May 3, 2015 14:27:46 GMT -5
otisbudd101: attended my basketball banquet tonight and the lord blessed me with this years MVP.... a jack of all trades and good at....... a few :)) Apr 30, 2015 20:04:28 GMT -5
riverboss: :D Apr 30, 2015 19:17:12 GMT -5
riverboss: stevens a baby daddy! get ready for the eat poop and sleep combo Apr 30, 2015 19:17:01 GMT -5
daknyak12: Congrats!!!! Apr 30, 2015 14:20:45 GMT -5
sarge8878: Congrats guys !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Apr 29, 2015 21:05:59 GMT -5